Needle Felt Boxes

In addition to making needle felted sculptures, I also have a line of DIY needle felting boxes where you can learn how to needle felt. When I was starting my journey and went to look for more kits for myself I was not that happy with the selection I could easily find.  There was nothing available in any local stores, and the online kits were often too cute for my taste. I prefer a more realistic look with just a bit of cuteness thrown in. The boxes that I create include all the necessary supplies, written instructions, and a link to a YouTube video that will walk you through the whole process.  They are great for beginning needle felters, and no prior experience is needed. These boxes can be found in my Etsy shop. 

Below you can see some of the unique creations you can make with these kits. I will be adding more kits periodically, so check back for new ones soon. If you want to start on your own needle felting journey I am happy to help!