The following photos are all examples of recently completed needle felt sculptures. If you see something you like please email me for details.  If I no longer have it available I am happy to recreate it for you. Although it may not be an exact replica of the original it will be very close. All my sculptures seem to emerge with their own individual personalities. Use the contact button to email me with requests, or click the links below to find some of these sculptures and more in my Etsy shop.

Grey Squirrel on Driftwood

Chipmunk on Driftwood

Chipmunk with Large Acorn

Wood Thrush on Wood

Carolina Wren on Driftwood

Hummingbirds on Parasite Wood

Orange Bellied Parrot on Driftwood

Tree Frogs on Driftwood

White Breasted Nuthatch on Driftwood

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker on Driftwood

Carolina Wren Family on Driftwood

Eastern Roseola on Burlwood

Octopus on Driftwood

Carolina Wren on Birchwood

Painted Bunting on Parasite Wood

Lizard on Driftwood

Barn Owl on Birchwood

'akikiki or Kaua'i Creeper

'Amakihi Honeycreeper

Magellanic Penguin

Crested Caracara

Tufted Titmouse on Driftwood

Cardinal on Driftwood

Whooping Crane

New Zealand Fairy Tern on Driftwood

Common Green Magpie on Driftwood

Chickadee on Driftwood

Chatham Island Tui

Elf Owl on Driftwood

Kakapo on Driftwood

Blythe's Tragopan