About Me

Hi! Welcome to my world of needle felted creations. My name is Sarah, and I am a mother of two, an avid runner, and a self confessed serial crafter.  In a past life I was an archaeologist, but due to an autoimmune disease I could no longer successfully make that my career. I tried a couple other fields, but nothing ever made me as happy as doing archaeology did. 

One day on a whim I decided to try a needle felting kit I saw on sale.  This was just supposed to be another art technique in my long string of crafts, but I instantly fell in love with needle felting. When I finished my first kit I started designing my own little wildlife friends and just found myself getting more and more addicted to making them. I realized I could build my passion into a career, and starting honing my skills. My favorite thing is to watch a new sculpture emerge from the wool. I am the one wielding the needle, but the personalities that emerge along with the animal I am making are all their own.  It reminds me of laying in the grass a child and looking for animals in the clouds.  Now the animal emerges from the fluffs of wool as I begin felting, and it is just as amazing of a feeling.

I feel like every day I learn something new about the needle felting process, and that feeling never ends! I am excited to share my love of felting and teach others how to make their own creations. I have started a line of DIY kits with video tutorials, and I am looking forward to adding in person classes soon! Lately I have been making a lot of birds, but I love creating all animals. If you look through some of my gallery shots you will see I sculpt everything from the realistic to the whimsical. I am happy to bring any idea that you have to life, and you can reach me through the contact buttons if you have any questions or requests.