Wooly Wildlife


Welcome! My name is Sarah Mitchell and I am the creator of Wooly Wildlife. All the sculptures shown on this site are one of a kind and created by me through a process called needle felting. 

Needle felting is done by taking a small barbed needle and poking it repeatedly into balled wool to create your sculpture. This action starts to knit the wool fibers together, and as the wool is stabbed over and over it pulls into itself. Tiny scales on the surface of the wool lock together allowing you to firm and sculpt the wool into your desired shape. I then layer on colored wool until the finished sculpture is achieved. It is a very slow, but lovely process. Each sculpture takes many hours to create. Most of the animals seen here also have at least a partial wire base to support them and allow for some movement. 

Woodland animals and birds are some of my favorite things to create, but I have also worked on pets, flowers, and whimsical creations. Please peruse the site to see more of my recent works.